12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (2023)

A positive first impression is a vital start to forging a strong relationship with potential customers. Welcome messages act as a great strategy to be a part of the customer journey, understand them more and provide a better understanding of taking the next action to use the product successfully.

“Users who receive a welcome message show 33% more engagement with the brand.”

A warm welcome message for the customers gives a sense of caring and makes them feel appreciated.

Nurturing customer relationships is a crucial part of a successful business. Because how you leave customers feeling after having an experience with your business becomes your trademark. But, how to do that? Find here resources needed for customer service.

Customers tend to share both good and bad experiences that influence others. Hence, it is more important than ever to create a welcoming and friendly experience for your customers by following the welcome message templates.

What is a Welcome Message?

A welcome message or welcome email is defined as the form of communication with your target audiences such as website visitors or customers to greet, onboard, or connect them with you.

The main purpose of welcome messages or emails is to encourage users to carry out certain actions depending on your product such as make a purchase, download content, sign up for a trial, etc.

Why are Welcome Messages Important?

Welcome messages play an important role to help customers to learn more about your brand or guide them through the customer journey. Well crafted welcome emails can be a great way to engage your audience and deliver a better experience.

Welcome emails or messages not only create a perfect first impression but also witness other significant benefits such as:

  • Higher open rate – Welcome emails have 86% higher open rates and engagement than other marketing emails. They give better clarity about the brand to the users and reassure the impression they hold about your business.
  • Successful onboardingWelcome messages are vital for educating customers and motivate them to take the right actions. It helps as a stepwise guide to proceed to use the product or service in the proper way.
  • Increase engagement – Using a chatbot template for welcome greeting messages for customers is a great way to increase product engagement, open up conversations, and engage users to use the product in the right way to get significant benefits.

Best Welcome Messages Examples for Customer Onboarding

A good welcome message acts as a strong foundation for long-lasting customer relationships. In fact, the power of positive words and phrases for customer serviceis matchless as it builds loyalty and wins trust. We have compiled welcome message templates and examples used by the real brands that can help you to craft your messages effectively.

Here is a list of use cases and templates where welcome messages for customers play a vital role in improving the brand experience.

  1. Onboard new customers with a welcome message
  2. Website welcome greeting message for online visitors
  3. Welcome message for a new subscription
  4. Onboard your users with in-app messages
  5. Cart abandonment emails
  6. Re-engage with the customers
  7. Business referral messages
  8. Order confirmation messages
  9. Welcome emails for customer feedback
  10. Greeting messages for special days
  11. Subscribe to newsletter
  12. Messages to extend the offer period

Let us discuss how welcome messages can be a part of yourcustomer retention strategy for your business and helps you to express gratitude to customers and how valuable they are.

#1. Onboard new customers with welcome messages

The success of your customer onboarding greatly relies on the first few actions you take, and it starts with your welcome message or email. Welcome messages for websites are a great way to convey the core messaging of your brand by using welcome videos that showcase the powerful features.

Onboarding messages have three major goals.

  • Welcome the customer and guide them to learn about the next set of actions
  • Give them a touchpoint if they have any questions.
  • Provide customers with self service options to learn themselves.

You can briefly define the steps that educate the users as per their expectations with your product or service.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (1)

REVE Chat gives the perfect website welcome message example. Once the visitor signs up with REVE Chat, a welcome message is sent immediately to the new users thanking them and provide instructions to get started successfully. You can also include the introductory video to guide customers to use the product.


  • Set up a nice tone for your brand in the welcome messages for customers. A friendly conversational tone encourages users to read all your messages.
  • You can define a call to action in your email templates you are following such as sign up to a webinar, update their profile page, etc.
  • Build an emotional connection with your customers by introducing yourself to show new customers there’s a real person behind your product.

#2. Website welcome greeting message for online visitors

Greetings message is one of the most prominent elements on the website, and if it doesn’t appeal to users within those precious few seconds, they’re going to bounce. Hence, if you want to captivate your website visitor, nothing is more important than nailing your homepage messaging.

With a warm welcome message for a website, you can win your visitors and convince them to explore your website. So, you need to focus on creating a message that compels users to stay on your site longer than a few seconds.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (2)

Here is how REVE Chat sends a well informed, personalized, and timely proactive triggered message to its website visitors. can pour in sales opportunities and boost customer satisfaction.

You can try out your hands signing up REVE Chat, that empowers you to set a customized welcome message based on your types of visitors. It will help to to initiate a conversations that will be productive and help covert your visitor into customer.


  • You can trigger proactive messages if your visitors are stuck at any specific pages to guide them in the right direction.
  • Send chat greeting messages based on demography. For example, France – Bonjour “name of the customer” Comment puis-je vous aider means Hello ‘customer name’ how may I help you)

#3. Welcome messages for a new subscription

Once customers make a final purchase of your product or service, you can welcome them with chat greeting messages.

Targeting subscribers when they are most engaged (like when they signed up) has been known to increase long-term engagement with a brand by 33%, and welcome emails have transaction rates ringing the register 9 times more than other transactional emails.

In short, welcome messages for customers are winners.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (3)

Asos, the popular online clothing store, welcomes its new users with the message “Oh, hey girl!”, which creates a carefree attitude towards the business. A warm welcome, a brief outline of what you are going to get as a subscriber, and an invitation to explore further – what else one needs.


  • Welcome messages for customers is an opportunity to build a strong relationship as it is the initial interaction and eventually make them more receptive in the future.
  • As it is the first exchange between your business and a new subscriber, setting up a tone is vital for future communications and encourages new members to engage with your business.

#4. Onboard your users with in-app messages

Welcome messages are the perfect way to solidify a person’s first impression. By reaching users on multiple channels, they’ll have an easier time remembering your app and the onboarding experience.

In-app messaging notification is displayed within the app via popups, yes/no prompts, interstitial, etc. These messages enhance the user experience by giving them a rundown of the latest updates or reminding them of a limited time offer.

Whatever the use case may be, the main purpose of in-app messages is to add value to the app, not just reminding people that the app exists.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (4)

Flipp is a good example that uses in-app messaging to help shoppers find coupons and discounts for everyday products. The app delivers the welcome text message for the new users to scroll to the shopping tab for the first time.

The message acts as a tutorial screen as it explains how combined shopping lists work. But on another level, it is a CTA to drive more app installs via invites. It also gives new users a good reason to invite a friend, a smart strategy for increasing acquisitions.


  • Allow users to opt into in-app messages so that you can engage and grow your user base by communicating with them whenever they have your app open.
  • Keep your in-app messages highly targeted so that your messages are delivered to the right person at the right time based on their latest context.

#5. Cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment is a big challenge for eCommerce retailers. More than 70% of shoppers abandon carts at the check out process. This is why marketers usually turn towards abandonment cart email strategy to combat the phenomenon that will help to recover these abandoned sales.

The main reason behind implementing email strategy is high conversion rates and 50% of the users who open have made the purchase successfully.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (5)

Let us take the successful example of Evil Queen, who took immediate action to send the email. They used an appealing discount code in the cart abandonment email message sent to the customers. They used good subject lines and discount codes to get their email message to be noticed over the cascade of emails in the inbox.


  • Focus on the right time – The timing of your cart abandonment email is essential. Make sure to send your first email after an hour of abandonment.
  • Easy to identify call to action – Bold and attractive CTA can really grab the attention of the shopper and push them towards an action you want them to take.
  • Appealing subject line – Create a subject line that can grab customers’ attention to open the email. You need to make your message instantly understandable.

#6. Re-engage with the customers

For every business, there might be some users in their email lists who do not show any interest in their messages. You must put efforts to wake the sleeping contacts in your mailing list and try to re-activate them back again with re-engagement email campaigns.

Invesp says, “Turning an inactive subscriber into a customer costs 5 times cheaper than acquiring a completely new customer, where inactive subscribers generate 7% of overall business revenue.”

With effective welcome back messages, you can revive your customers’ back, and it costs cheaper than acquiring new ones.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (6)

Userlist for example sends targeted in-app messages to engage customers instantly when they are using the product. Userlist considers it as a better way to provide useful information at the right time when your users need it.


  • You can now share actionable tips, link to help articles, promote upgrades and coupon codes, announce new features, or broadcast company news.
  • Providing the right information to the users at the moment when they need helps them to navigate your product easily, and reduces your support workload.
  • Using the in-app messages are a great way to re-engage customers and motivate them to be your active users.

#7. Welcome message for the referral customers

As per Heinz research, “70% of companies with referral programs were on pace to meet or exceed their revenue goals.”

A referral program acts as a way to give a customer back in favor of recommending their products to their friends and family. One of the good ways is to start it from your existing customers so that they can use it among their friends.

Referred customers are more valuable as they have a 16% higher customer lifetime value (CLV) than others.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (7)

Dropbox followed the same technique for their referral program. They rewarded their customers with additional storage space. The program benefited customers to earn 500 MB of space for each successful referral. The strategy fueled their growth from 100,000 to 4 million users in just about a year.


  • Ensure that your referral messages should have a clear call to action (CTA) to grab the attention.
  • Make your value proposition prominent and convey the benefit the customers are going to get.

#8.Order confirmation messages

Order confirmation emails or messages can help to create awareness around other products or services and build customer loyalty. The confirmation email messages have the highest average click rates of all email types. It provides a great opportunity to engage with your customers.

You can guide your customers in the right direction with an engaging order confirmation email example. This is how you get an order confirmation email when you purchase something from Cult Beauty.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (8)

Cult Beauty captures users’ excitement with its headline followed by the details of your transaction. Within the email, Cult Beauty invites you back to its site, but with three different options i.e. (i) Update your preferences and get a discount on your next order (ii) Check out what’s new on the website for promoting new arrivals (iii) Learn beauty tips and trends.

This is how the leading cosmetic brand sets a welcome message example of engaging order confirmation emails.


  • Not every customer is the same. You can guide them, providing different options to engage them at different levels.
  • Timing plays a critical role in converting buyers into repeat customers. You can encourage your customers to shop again by sending post-purchase emails.

#9. Welcome emails for customer feedback

One of the good ways to re-connect with customers is to ask for feedback to know what customers think about you. Feedback email messages gather qualitative opinions from customers after the end of a chat session, ticket resolution, product demo, or a successful checkout.

Feedbacks helps marketers with valuable insights that can be used to improve the product.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (9)

Here is a feedback request email example from Shopify. It tells the receiver why the survey is useful and specifies the deadline for the activity.


  • You have to segment your audience to ask the right feedback from the right customers.
  • Incentivize your customers with discount coupons for their time to provide feedback.
  • Ask feedback at the right time via the right channel to acquire the most honest feedback.

#10. Greeting messages for special days

A sincere greeting message to your premium customers shows how much you value the relationship. It encourages them to be loyal to your brand and buy more.

A simple and genuine message goes a long way.

Taking out time to wish customers on their birthdays can mean the world to them.

  • Birthday emails are triggered messages that are easy to implement and offer excellent results, both in terms of brand reputation and conversions.
  • Sending personalized messages strengthens their bond and can increase brand loyalty and build stronger relationships with your customers.
  • They share their experience with their family and friends, which might influence them to connect with your brand.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (10)

Let us take WooCommerce birthday emails as an example. They found sending such emails is worthy of their business and proves to be effective emails when compared to regular promotional emails. They also included an irresistible coupon code and customized the emails to increase the impact.


  • You can reinforce customer delight by pampering your recipients and making them feel special. Who doesn’t like to receive kind wishes on their special day?
  • With emails for special days, you can engage inactive users with unusual, personalized, and non-routine content. Even the least active users will be pleased to receive a personal email and intrigued by the promise of a gift.

#11. Subscribe to newsletter

When a person subscribes to your newsletter, it indicates that the person wants to hear from you. They are showing interest in your brand, want to know your domain expertise, and be a part of your community.

Building a strong subscriber list and engaging them helps to know why they are important and communicate effectively. With welcome messages for customers, you give the best opportunity to make them part of your industry.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (11)

Here is the example of a welcome message for customers that are sent after users subscribe to the Customer.io newsletter.They followed the listen-first approach instead of product-focused message or product-specific call-to-action. They asked their subscribers questions such as Why did you sign up? What do you need help with?, or What problem are you trying to solve? Or simply ask people to share a little bit about who they are.


  • Mention clearly what they can expect from these emails.
  • Ask the right type of questions to initiate healthy conversation.
  • You can share the best resources based on their interests to keep them engaged and immediately delivering the value.

#12. Messages to extend the offer period

When you provide a trial period for the customers to use the product, that particular time period may not be sufficient for them to understand the potential features of the product. Hence, you can extend the offer period for the customers to evaluate the product thoroughly before the final purchase.

You can provide the extension message inside the dashboard or convey it by sending an email. Here is how you can use anemail template to communicate the message. When users receive such unexpected emails, it surprises them and you get a chance to strengthen customer trust in your brand.

12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding (12)

Aweber is a good example of sending a trial period extension email. They placed their CTA at the center of the email to grab the user’s attention. Below that, they explained how to take advantage of the extra time. If users have any problem, they can contact the team for help


  • You can get users excited about the step they have already taken by using the trial period. Emphasize the importance of taking the next action.
  • You can show them how to use your product effectively (video tutorial, step by step guide, images, etc.)

Final thoughts

The importance of a welcome message for customers cannot be understated. It is a form of personalization that is valuable for lasting customer relationships. Rightly using the welcome messages across websites, in-app and emails can help you to hold on to your customers for a lifetime.

By using the welcome message examples, you can deliver a better experience from the starting of the customer’s journey till the end. And signup with REVE Chat will help to set exclusive welcome messages for your differed audiences, which will showcase your value towards your customers, deliver personalized service, and positively impact sales.


What is a good welcoming message? ›

We look forward to supporting you along the way.” “Congratulations on the new position, and many good wishes for your first day at [company name]. We want you to know that we believe in you and we're behind you in everything you do here.” “A warm welcome from the whole team here at [company].

How do you write a business welcome message? ›

How to write a great welcome message for new customers
  1. Company logo and/or name.
  2. Personalization (e.g., customer's name)
  3. Explanation of the product value.
  4. Microsurvey to understand the new user's job to be done.
  5. CTA to prompt action.
7 Oct 2022

How do you put customers first answer? ›

14 ways to put the customer first
  1. Base the company culture around the customer. ...
  2. Take care of employees. ...
  3. Target your audience. ...
  4. Create a customer-centered attitude. ...
  5. Personalize the customer experience. ...
  6. Offer exceptional service. ...
  7. Ask what the customer wants. ...
  8. Allow customers to leave feedback.
23 Nov 2021

How do you write a welcome sentence? ›

Welcome sentence example
  1. Welcome to your new life. ...
  2. You're welcome to stay. ...
  3. You're always welcome here. ...
  4. No, it is a welcome home party - for you and Alex. ...
  5. Nonsense, you're not putting us out, but you're more than welcome to use the phone... and please call me Sarah. ...
  6. You're welcome to use the pool any time you want.

How do I write welcome in words? ›

Start with something like this: “Good morning/afternoon/evening. Thank you to each and every one of you for being here with us today. We are pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for years now as well as those of you who are new to the (group/community/association/etc.).”

How do you welcome a client in a company? ›

You can welcome a new client by introducing yourself and your company, introducing your product, and providing information about how to get started. You can also include any questions the client may have and provide contact information for customer support.

What is a welcoming statement? ›

to generally welcome all the guests, stating the name of the event and its host and to thank them for coming. to give a brief introduction of the host (the business, organization, family or person) to give a brief introduction or overview of the event. to introduce the next speaker if appropriate|

How can you make a positive first impression with customers? ›

Here are some useful first-impression tips:
  1. Make eye contact.
  2. Give a nice, warm smile.
  3. Open with a sincere, friendly greeting.
  4. Pay attention to the customer - not to the product, your stock or a colleague.
  5. Greet the customer and ask a useful opening question. ...
  6. Never ignore the customer.
9 Jun 2020

What is the first thing to do in welcoming the guest? ›

Friendly Communication. As soon as a guest enters, the host should greet them warmly with a smile. This is the initial rapport that is built with your customer. The host must be polite, asking about the diner's needs and showing genuine concern.

What to say when welcoming guests? ›

Some suggested Some suggestions include; Hello, welcome; Welcome, good morning; Hello, good afternoon, welcome. Introduce yourself by name making sure your communication is professional, yet personal. “Great to meet you, I'm Nikko”. If occupied with another guest, it is important to acknowledge arriving guests.

What are simple rules for welcoming guests? ›

Remember, guests just want to feel welcome.
  • Clean the important parts. ...
  • Clean sheets and clean towels. ...
  • Buy nice toilet paper and soap. ...
  • Air out the house in advance. ...
  • Serve drinks immediately.
4 Dec 2018

What is the first and most important thing to do when greeting a client? ›

Smile and say hello

If you want customers to feel welcome, the first thing that you need to do is smile! A smile tells them that they are important and creates an instant rapport. Smiles help create a friendly atmosphere, which can ultimately lead to more sales for your company.

What do you say when greeting a customer? ›

Some examples for great customer service greeting phrases:
  1. Hi, this is [agent name]. How can I help you today?
  2. Good morning, [agent name] speaking. What can I do for you?
  3. Thank you for waiting! ...
  4. Hi [customer name], thank you for calling us! ...
  5. Good afternoon, welcome to [company name].
16 Feb 2021

What are the magic words in customer service? ›

25 Professional Customer Service Phrases That Work Like Magic
  • Happy to help!
  • I see what you mean.
  • Thanks for reaching out.
  • I totally understand.
  • I'm not sure, let's find out.
  • I know this must be frustrating.
  • I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this!
  • We're working on a solution for this.
14 Oct 2022

How would you greet customers face to face examples? ›

If you are greeting a customer face to face, remember to always follow social guidelines such as respecting personal space and volume of voice.
Top 10 Customer Service Greetings
  1. “ ...
  2. “Hi, have you been here before?” ...
  3. “Welcome to ______ Customer Service. ...
  4. “Are you enjoying your morning/afternoon?” ...
  5. “Welcome back!

How do you greet a customer in the morning? ›

Greet them as you go by with a, “Good morning. Feel free to look around, and I'll be right back.” Or simply say “Good morning.” By not asking questions such as “How are you?” or “Can I help you find anything?” the customer is not obliged to have to respond at all, though many will with a simple “Thank you.”

How do you say welcome meaningfully? ›

Here are a few more ways to say “You're welcome” in English.
  1. You got it.
  2. Don't mention it.
  3. No worries.
  4. Not a problem.
  5. My pleasure.
  6. It was nothing.
  7. I'm happy to help.
  8. Not at all.
21 May 2014

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